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Mon 07/16/12 5:30AM Mariel Like your ruminations about origins of porph in the royal families, especially Britain's. I believe you are correct about entry via Cathererine, the wife of Henry V. I believe there may be medieval heredity. I believe I have medieval descent of porphyria. My family members at that time were aides to the medieval Stuart family, both before and after they went to Scotland, I can piece together from records of Pollock family. I don't see how the gene managed to get from there to here, because only 50% inherit, and my modern ancestors were not famous people, although the Scots side was well known in medieval Scotland.
I believe it is possible Princess Alice, mother of Prince William of Gloucester, could have had it from some of the Scots lines related to Stuart which one can see in her heredity--she was mostly Scots, not Germanic, but of course her husband came down the line from George III. Cheers.
Fri 03/27/09 3:31AM Jenni Rigot J'ai beaucoup aime votre explication des liens troubles entre la France et les Etats-Unis. Je suis americaine, j'ai fait mes etudes a Toulouse il y a beaucoup d'annees . . . J'ai trouve votre site en cherchant des informations genealogiques du nom de famille de mon mari: Rigot. (1847/Saarbrucken -- peut-etre il est allemand . . .) Bonne journee
Sun 04/13/08 6:54PM Adrian Swiatecki Hi Marc
Maybe you can help me with this one.
We are going to Greece this summer - we being Mum, Dad and two children who both sail dinghies. Nicholas who is 16 strarted 8 years ago and now sails the 29'er and the Laser and various catamarans on occasion or anything that goes fast. Josephine who is 9 started in the Optimist last year.
We are trying to find somewhere in Greece where the kids can do as much sailing as possible. I can see that you have sailed in Greece and that maybe you have some ideas. We live in Denmark and will be flying in and out of Thessaloniki in the north so if you have any hints anywhere in that part of Greece would be great.

Thanking you in advance for your time

Adrian Swiatecki
Thu 11/8/07 6:13PM Aaron Hi Marc,
great to see someone is keeping the local laser sailors up to date! I'll start trying to do the same at Thornbury, (if I'm ever allowed to go sailing) and send you a link when I'm up an running.

Aaron Lowe
Thornbury SC.
Tue 12/26/06 7:05PM Charles Visited your website today and left a note in the guestbook. Overall, it is a great website. It - for some reason, left out particular information about smoke and fire while at Eurotherm. I know there was smoke because I remember it. And for once, I didn't do it. Two thumbs up on the website. Charles