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Welcome to my site

marcpictu I have created this site is for my friends and family. The site was initially built to see how difficult it was to create a website. The idea of creating a website came after a Sailing Club meeting. The site only showed my main interests: sailing and history Three pages were therefore written:
»Porphyria: sad page that shows my thoughts on King Georges III illness origin.
The presentation was changed several times. My plan is to change the presentation when I can.

Further developments

Random image Although I love sailing, I have restarted in 2005 after several years break. The sailing page has become a sort of blog. Over the years, other pages have created: useful information, quotes, FAQ and private gallery (password protected). I have also started yachting and experiences can be seen on the yachting page. Each yachting trip has its own page showing my experience.

The website was further extended showing some of my biggest achievements:
» Web design: my biggest designs milestones are highlighted as well as my progress through my webmaster certificate obtained through the Open University;
» Chartered Engineer: the details of my application is not shown on this website;
» Dinghy Sailing Instructor: the sailing page shows my progress throughout the process.

This site is also an experiment on PHP and on MySQL: private and sailing galleries, mailing list and random pictures on index. Various experiments using ideas of other websites have also been including e.g. mixing several languages such JavaScript, MySQL and PHP. I have also including any modifications linked to RSS, Facebook and Twitter. In the future, other experiments on PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS will take place. I am also hoping to make this website more responsive, create a mobile application and have a link to this mobile application.

Further, slights modifications have been carried out such having this introduction page written to have 500 words for SEO (or Search engine optimization). Some of my experiments such as dinghy handicap calculations will only be shown on one of my subdomains. However, some experiments will not be shown to general public.
In the mean time, if you wish you to add any suggestions, Contact me or drop me a message on the guest book.

Latest modification - 10 September 2023:

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This site has been validated as much as possible to be compliant to HTML5. However, with the insertion of the Facebook and Twitter buttons, the site may not be fully compliant. If you wish to highlight any issues on the validation process, feel free to contact me further.
This website was creating using several tools such as Coffee Cup, PHP editor and Zend Studio. However, it is not necessary to use any of them. In other words, a text editor is the only tool that is required. The tools that I used were convenient but it is a question of preference.